Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday's Daily Five

It's day two, and as promised I have five more items listed in my shop!  Today's deal is *free shipping* on any of the items added today.  The shipping charges have already been adjusted, but will be changed back to standard rates when I add tomorrow's daily 5... 

Today's five almost follow a theme.  Four of the items feature triangles, and the fifth (item number one in the list below) matches one of the pairs of earrings too well to not feature at the same time.

1. Turquoise to Teal Narrow Cuff: Turquoise fades to teal in this unique cuff - definitely one of a kind with the handmade (by me!) polymer clay button for a clasp.  The earrings in item number 2 match this cuff perfectly.

 2. Turquoise Triangle Earrings: Dangly, turquoise, shimmery, triangles - what's not to like?  This is a fun pair of earrings featuring dimensional triangles, and goes great with the cuff above!

3. Fun with Geometry: This cuff features zig-zag peyote, triangles, and a wonky square - lots of fun shapes working together well!

4. Linked Triangles: Decreasing dimensional peyote triangles and a herringbone rope to complete the bangle - it's like a party on your wrist! (Okay, that was cheesy, but it is a pretty neat bangle in my humble opinion!)

5. Terra Cotta and Teal Triangles: We'll end with one last pair of earrings today.  Each one has two triangles with the terra cotta and teal beads reversed.  The smaller triangle is attached to the larger at the center.  Another fun pair of dangles!

That's it for today!  I may choose to list some of my non-beadwoven items for tomorrow's five, but no promises so you'll have to come back and find out. :D

Head on over and get your free shipping on any of today's five!

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