Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Five Wide Cuffs for Wednesday!

Astute observers may notice that I missed a day, not posting any new items yesterday.  It's true..  my first priority these days has been to finish my internship report and poster so I can meet the deadline to be a January graduate.  Yes, that's right.  5 1/2 years after I first embarked on the grad school journey, I will FINALLY be getting that elusive Master's degree.  Come the end of the month, I should have a Master's in Environmental Science!  Which means it's time to start searching for a job...  (That 5 1/2 years involves two different schools with a year off in between)

But for today, I have listed 5 new items - wide cuffs all, and one of them is a first time listing.  That's right, a *new* cuff!  Okay, so it's over 6 months old (I photographed it before leaving for Sudan), but never before listed on Etsy!  Today's deal is a free matching pair of earrings made special when you order one of these cuffs before the next 5 is listed.

1. Offset Squares Herringbone Cuff - yup, it's the wide cuff in my blog banner!  I think this is one of my coolest patterns, and I have worked it up in a second set of colors (not photographed or listed!), with patterns for a few more color schemes..  Maybe I'll get around to those some day. :D

2. Dreaming in the Garden - Lacy, delicate, and floral!  

3. Midwestern Spring Breeze - One of my few freeform pieces, but it was so fun I may have to do more!

4. Gridded Circles in Orange and Blue - it's like an elementary school art project on your wrist!

5. Red Curls at Sea - The one you've been waiting for, the new listing!  Wide, playful, shimmering, what more could you want?

There you have it!  Head on over to my Etsy store, select one of these five cuffs before the next 5 are listed, and get a surprise matching pair of earrings free.

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