Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Daily Five, or I'm ba-ack..

My Etsy store is finally reopened! I'll be relisting 5 items (nearly) every day until the inventory is all back up.  And with the daily five, I'll be offering a special deal..  Until the next daily five is announced, get 10% off any of the first five in my store by using the coupon code "DAILY5TAKE1" and come on by tomorrow to see the next deal! 

Here are the first five to reappear - you may notice they're the same items that appear in my banner. :D

1. Bright Polkadots Wide Cuff - a herringbone cuff with 9 different colors of dots in Czech seed beads and featuring homemade lampwork buttons by Heather of hmbstudios.
 2. Entangled - a wide cuff featuring a purple three drop peyote base embellished with spirals of green and orange, and completed with a handmade (by me!) polymer clay button.

3. Window Into Time - created for an Etsy Beadweaver's "time travel" challenge, this necklace features fossiliferous limestone and strands of gray-themed beads in various stitches.

4. Icy Fall Leaves - a pair of earrings featuring the Russian peyote leaf technique, combining a nice terra cotta brown and icy blue, reminiscent of the first frost on the last fall leaves.

5. Tropical Seas - a calming blue and green necklace with a hexagonal peyote cup holding a ceramic pendant created by Kristie of artisanclay is held by a herringbone rope and a string of blue and green glass beads.

Stop on by the store for these five, and come back tomorrow to see the next daily five!

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