Thursday, January 20, 2011

Five for your neck

On the finishing grad school front, I completed my paper and poster and sent them to my advisor for approval!  Once I get his edits, I can send in the whole package..  I will get this master's!  And maybe even next week.  There will be much rejoicing.  I also put in a job application today for something that looks fun, lots of field work and otherwise hands on stuff, and have two more jobs to apply for before the end of the month.  Gosh, I feel productive!

And on top of that, I've listed five necklaces.  While scrutinizing my "expired" list for the five I selected, I realized that two of them had never before been listed in my Etsy store.  Fortunately, I had them photographed so it was pretty easy to put together a new listing.  Today's deal: a custom bangle free with any of the five necklaces.  Purchase one of today's five, and I'll get in touch with you about colors for your bangle to send along with the necklace.  

And here they are..

1. Sunrise Temptation - a very wide and quite versatile necklace.  With a whole chain of loops that can go around the button, you can wear it as a choker or a bib-style necklace.  Definitely one of a kind!

2. Scorpion Fish - The fish are poisonous and beautiful, but the necklace only copies the looks, no poison included!

3. Cascade - long and sleek, like a feminine necktie without the choking part.

4. Beachcombing the Indian Ocean - Never before listed on Etsy!  Featuring shells from the Kenyan coast and an adjustable leather strap.

5. Twists and Tourmaline - Also never listed on Etsy before!  This was my entry to the 2009 Fire Mountain Gems beading contest, and it was selected as a finalist.  Nice rainbow of tourmaline..

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