Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fishing for Purple

You all know I've been playing with polymer clay recently.  The object, of course, is not simply to have fun with this medium, but to use it in my work.  (of course, if I didn't find it fun, I wouldn't do it!)  I thought it would be fun to wildly embellish a cuff with some polymer clay beads.  I started by trying to match seed beads to some already made beads, and chose a dark purple which was at the center of some blue beads I'd made.  

I faithfully started netting (the obvious stitch choice for these purposes), and quickly realized that would need to make a whole new set of polymer clay beads to match the cuff. (what a drag, right?)

Well, here's the end result!  How 'bout that expanding ruffle at the end?

Gotta admit I'm a little bit pleased with this effort.  It was just.. fun.  You'll probably be seeing more combination of polymer clay and seed beads in the near future, what with it being my new kick and all. ;)

I would also like to acknowledge an award: Stormee has given me the Lemonade blogging award, and just wanted to say thanks!  She does some pretty inventive sewing.  
Now, there's certain 'requirements' for this award, such as picking other blogs to pass it on to. Being a bit of a rule breaker (not really...  I have an overactive conscience) I'm not going to specifically pick blogs to pass this on to.  But if you're itching for an award, consider yourself tagged. ;)


Stormee said...

LOL I should have thought of that. That purple cuff is fantastic!

Melody Marie Murray said...

Wow, that cuff is so wonderful! Nice work!

cherylannd said...

polymer clay has been on my 'to do' list for a long time, you're an inspiration - maybe i'll get to it this winter!

Anna said...

Gorgeous Ginny! So lovely and delicate!

binkaminka said...

This is so gret! Somehow reminds me Dali clocks