Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The creative process

So how does the creative process work?  Where does inspiration come from?  It's obviously different from person to person, and even project to project, but for me a lot of ideas have been stumbled upon.

Take these two bracelets that I just finished, for example..  The story starts below this picture.
While I was working on my July challenge piece (pictured below), I went to a friend's wedding.  Her new sister-in-law beaded her necklace.  The stitch she used was similar to techniques I had seen in other necklaces and bracelets while poking around the internet.  I should probably figure out what the technique is called... 

That particular necklace inspired me to add the white 'moonbeams' to the necklace, using this stitch I had seen around.

When I finished the necklace, I had a jumble of blue, green, and some red beads which I really didn't want to sort out, as well as a jumble of white beads.  Obviously, the logical choice was to make a matching bracelet.  Well, I ran out of the blue, green, and red before the bracelet was long enough, so I finished it off with the white in that same stitch, and then embellished one end of the blue with a 'moonbeam'.  

I really liked the look of the white circle type thingys on the blue bracelet - not just the color contrast, but the dimensionality of it.  And that evolved into my two newest bracelets.  The turquoise and red ceramic beads inspired the color choices, as well as the creation of two of these bracelets.

Sometimes, I'll come across an idea while I'm making another piece.  I made the earrings below based on a portion of a pattern on a dress of mine.  While they were coming together, I reached a point where it looked like a daisy-type flower.  That wasn't the goal for this pair of earrings, but I stored it away for later.

And I used that 'stumbled upon' technique in these earrings (and a matching necklace).

Then I used it again in this necklace (my June challenge piece)

Anyhow, that's how many of my ideas come about.  One piece inspires another inspires another, I accidentally do something that inspires another piece, and so forth.  It's fun.


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Oh, I'm in lust. I love all of your pieces. Great work.

thebeadedlily said...

Very, very good post! That's kind of just how it works so we can all identify!

adina said...

Great post! I know exactly what you're talking about!!

MyFairLadyVT4 said...

Nice article.

Conlins Creations said...

Great post! It is so interesting to see how your thought process works! Makes me think that i need to slow down during mine, and take a look to see where else I can find inspiration! Love all your work! they are beautiful! said...

Thanks fot the comment on my Creaky Easel blog. I was thinking it was a diversion that I did not need but people keep saying it will help boost my blog status to make sch posts. I will be deleting those posts and getting back to my usual blog! Thanks so much for the input, it is always good to know what the readers think!

I love your beadwork and the stone pendants are fabulous, good luck with them. This was a very good post and it reminds me I must start taking pictures as I paint, and explain the process.

ClinkscalesArts said...

I loved that you showed your inspiration in this post! It's so interesting to see inside the artist's mind.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Such beautiful work, you are very talented. I have never worked with such small beads before and am not sure I am capable anymore. I love how you explained your creative process, I know when I craft or write the process comes from something that inspires me.