Saturday, April 10, 2010

Light as a Breeze

The Etsy Beadweaver's challenge theme for April 2010 is "Light as a Breeze" and the instructions refer to the "delicate and gentle first warm breezes of spring." Well, here in Indiana spring breezes are not so much delicate, gentle, and warm. Spring is a fickle season, jumping from winter to almost-summer, then down to cold rain. There are a lot of gray skies, though you do get a few glimmers of warmth and hope mixed in. My ideal world is one where it's always summer. I'm fine with rainy and dry seasons, and while I like fall well enough, I wouldn't miss it. (Hmm.. I think I sound like someone who grew up on the equator!!)
So this bracelet is my interpretation of "Light as a Breeze." The wisps of blue and yellow represent the few delicate, gentle, and warm spring days in the midwest, glimmers of hope in the midst of the overwhelming gray, rainy, dreary spring days. But they do remind us that there will be summer once again!

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