Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday again!

I promised you a look at who's behind the art every Monday - and this time I'm a little more prepared than last time!

Fact of the week: I had the most awesomely fun wedding ever. It's true! We had sack races, enchilada casserole, fry bread, chai, and even a ring-heist. I figured that something has to go wrong at every wedding, so why not create our own disaster? We had the ring-bearer bring up two boxes. The one that was supposed to contain my ring had a ring pop, and the one for my husband's ring was empty. One of my friends in the audience had the real rings, and when the ring pop and empty box were revealed, she took off running into the bushes. Three other friends chased her down and recovered the rings. These were the only people (other than us and the ring-bearer's parents) who knew what was up. I was surprised at the number of people who came up to me afterwards thinking I had known nothing about this switch ahead of time. :)

If all that wasn't enough to make it fun, the scenery was gorgeous up at the base of the Magdalena mountains in New Mexico!

(If you're surprised by the lack of jewelry, this was before I started making it - I did, however, make my dress!) ;)


GrandmaMarilyns said...

Love the switching of the rings. Never heard of anything like that before. LOL

Carol Dean said...

What great fun that celebration must have been! :D