Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday again!

Eeek, has it been a full week since my last blog post?  I should regularly schedule a second blog post each week (maybe Fridays?) to keep myself on track!  

Anyhow, I've promised you regular 'get to know me Mondays' so here I am ready to deliver!  (If I can just think of a good topic...)

How 'bout this one: I'm a procrastinator.  Here I am, Monday evening, with no blog post and no ideas that have been floating around in my head.  I was nearly voted 'worst procrastinator' of the girls in my senior class - I think the only reason I didn't win that prestigious award is because the guys didn't realize it (I did, however win most artistic for the girls!).  I went to boarding school, so ALL of the girls knew about my procrastination skills from dorm life.
I think I have this tendency for two main reasons: 
1) I work fast, and I know it.  I also get distracted way too easily when I don't have a time crunch, so I work much slower when the deadline is not fast approaching.
2) I like to live in the moment.  Some say that if you get your work done now, you'll have time to play later.  I say if I get my work done now, there will be more to do later.  However, if I play now, I'll work faster later and therefore have time for both!  Sometimes this works for me, and sometimes it doesn't.  But I usually can get away with it, soooooo....  (shame upon my head!)

I'll leave you now with my latest creation, a teal/turquoise two-drop peyote cuff with a fun polymer clay button closure:


GrandmaMarilyns said...

I bet I could beat you at being a procrastinator. It takes me forever to get anything done anymore.

Carol Dean said...

oooooooo I love this piece, Ginny :D One of my favorite color combos, the brown and aqua/turquoise. Great button! Is it your creation?

njemacreative said...

Thanks! the button is in fact my creation - I've been having too much fun with polymer clay lately. :)