Saturday, June 13, 2009

What's up with the silence?

It's true.  You haven't been hearing from me much lately....  
Well, it's the summer!  School got out in May, and since then we've done the following:
May 21: Indiana - Cincinnati
May 22: Cincinnati - Bryson City, NC (we took the scenic route)
May 23: Poke around the Smoky Mts, and end up in Knoxville, TN
May 24: Knoxville
May 25: Knoxville - Nashville
May 26: Nashville
May 27: Nashville - St. Louis, MO (through the land b/t the lakes)
May 28: St. Louis
May 29th: St. Louis - Dallas, we cut through a corner of Arkansas, because we haven't been there before.
May 30th: Dallas
May 31st: Dallas - ALBUQUERQUE, NM!!
Since then, we've been in New Mexico, everywhere from ABQ to the Jemez Mountains, camping in the Pecos wilderness, waaaay down to Las Cruces, to Socorro, Magdalena, Manzano mountains, etc.

And coming up next:
June 17th: to Florida
June 20-something: into New York, rent a car, drive around New England (never been there before!)
June 25-28: Near DC for a wedding
June 29: DC - New York - London (for 12 hrs)
July 1-15: go all over Kenya.  To the coast, to the North, to the west, etc....
July 15: Nairobi - London
July 16: London - Barcelona
July 16-21: Barcelona - Santander, hang out in the Pyrenees in between!
July 21: Santander - London
July 22: London - New York
July 23: New York - ABQ
then, up to Yellowstone/Grand Tetons (Wyoming), across to South Dakota, and eventually wind up back in Indiana mid-August.

Sometimes I have good internet, and sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I don't have more than a couple minutes to spend on the good internet.  Soooooo....  I've been a little quieter.  I think you can forgive?  :D

In other news, I just found out last week that this necklace has been accepted into the second round of judging for the Fire Mountain Gems contest!  Woooooot.  I need to get it in the mail soon.  Like Monday.  That's chips of tourmaline I used in it.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Wow - that's a lot of traveling! Hope your having fun :) And congrats on getting into the next round of FMG!

ClinkscalesArts said...

Oh Ginny! Your travels sound wonderful! Have a glorious time and take lots and lots of pictures. :)

Julie said...

Congrats on the FMG judging! That is great! I hope that you do well!

Your summer of travels sounds wonderful - have fun in New England - I love traveling up there. If you get to the coast - say MA - go whale watching if you can - a great experience.

I can't wait to see pictures. Check in when you can.

beadsandblooms said...

I envy all your travels, but after a week in the heat of Texas I'm ready to go home. Congrats on your necklace!

Marsha'sHauteIce said...

WOOT is right, and it's well deserved! Congratulations. And my goodness, you are a real globe trotter. Enjoy yourself. Marsah

Karen Gill said...

Regular little nomads aren't ya! Hope you're having fun!

Gorgeous necklace! Good fortune on the contest!

Anna said...

Congrats! And yes, I'm jealous! I wish we could do some traveling like that! I am meeting a cousin at Chautauqua Lake (NY) next week for a couple days so at least that's something.