Friday, November 7, 2008

After a school-induced hiatus...

I've been neglecting my blog lately.  That's what happens when a student sets realistic priorities!  As well as being busy with school, my creative focus lately has been on Christmas presents.  As people on my list just might be able to find this blog, I'm not going to upload pictures of those until after the fact. :)

I *can* tell you that I've been working on the herringbone tapestry of my grandpa I showed you the pattern of in a previous blog post.  I know that he won't find this blog!  (Several years back, he wrote one or two emails, which I think is the extent of his internet experience.)

My exam this morning marked the end of one period of constant work, so I took time to day to do some much needed updates to some of my Etsy pictures.  

Though I listed all of these pieces ages ago, my photography skills have improved somewhat since then. I thought ya'll might enjoy the updated photos of these items!

I still have a number of pottery items that I have never added to my store.  Maybe I'll have time for that soon!


GrandmaMarilyns said...

The title little brown cup is under your peyote cuff. LOL

I love that cuff. The pottery is ok but I love that cuff. I love stained glass.

njemacreative said...

aiyaiyai, those labels are giving me no end of trouble! i promise, they look better when I go in to edit my post. *sigh*